Juhannus Järvellä Kahlaamassa Kesäilta Kesäpäivä Kukkaistyttö Maisema Puolukassa Ranta Sumuinen ilta Terassi

Come and enjoy the peaceful Savo countryside any time of the year, with sauna, swimming, rowing and fishing

Our traditional farm resides in southern Savo, in the municipality of Sulkava, next to the shores of lakes Siikajärvi and Kapeavesi. The Salmenaho cottages are located on the southern ends of those lakes. There are no other cottages near Kapeavesi, so a peaceful atmosphere is guaranteed.

The nearby woods are perfect for picking berries and mushrooms. From Siikajärvi lake there is a route to Kapeavesi lake through Virtasalmi narrows, so there are also plenty of waters for fishing.

Salmenaho cottages were founded back in 1975, so we already have nearly 40 years of experience, and the younger generation has been running the cottages since 1995.


The odour of white-trunked birch woods tells the beginning of summer

The birch tree also provides many health benefits.

Birch boughs are traditionally used in sauna (read more about it in Wikipedia). It has a relaxing effect and lowers blood pressure. We provide fresh birch for this.

Read more about various uses for birch
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